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doveadm deduplicate
24th February 2016

Without further words:

% for i in $(seq 1 90) ; do doveadm mailbox status messages debian.buildd.archive.2011.05 | column -t ;  doveadm deduplicate mailbox debian.buildd.archive.2011.05 ; done
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=8094
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=7939
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=7816
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=7698
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=7610
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=7529
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=7455
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=7375
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=7294
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=7215
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=7136
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=7032
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6941
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6839
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6721
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6631
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6553
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6476
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6388
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6301
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6211
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6140
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6056
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=6007
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5955
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5887
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5826
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5752
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5706
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5657
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5612
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5570
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5523
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5474
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5422
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5382
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5343
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5308
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5256
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5221
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5168
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5133
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5092
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5058
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=5030
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4994
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4964
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4935
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4900
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4868
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4838
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4811
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4778
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4748
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4722
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4686
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4661
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4637
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4613
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4593
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4570
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4554
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4536
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4520
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4500
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4481
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4466
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4445
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4430
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4417
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4405
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4390
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4376
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4366
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4360
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4350
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4336
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4329
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4320
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4315
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4312
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4311
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4309
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4308
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4308
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4308
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4308
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4308
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4308
debian.buildd.archive.2011.05  messages=4308
Tags: internet, rant.
Welcome Kabel Deutschland
17th September 2015

So moving, away from awesome Core-Backbone provided internet at home and to Kabel Deutschland madness. Missing routes for several hours and noone even seems to notice, no mail address to properly report issues. Quality Network.

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
 1 (  11.033 ms * *
 2 (  28.413 ms  74.792 ms  75.376 ms
 3 (  77.083 ms  77.671 ms  79.283 ms
 4 (  79.833 ms (  81.416 ms  83.348 ms
 5 (  87.592 ms  88.101 ms *
 6  * * *
 7  * * *
 8  * * *

Needless to say, of course, that it still works perfectly fine from the old network.

Tags: internet, rant.
[HOWTO] unsubscribe from a google group
18th February 2014

Writing this because there seems to be no correct documentation on the relevant google websites and it turns out to be non-trivial. Our goal here is to unsubscribe from a ordinary google group.

Mails from the google group contain the quoted footer:

You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google
Groups "FOO" group.
To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send
an email to
Visit this group at
For more options, visit

Seems easy enough, so let's send a Mail to this FOO+unsubscribe address. Back comes a E-Mail:

From: FOO <>
Subject: Unsubscribe request for FOO [{EJzZjpgFhDHd9seTdRA0}]
To: Christoph Egger <>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 18:55:24 +0000 (38 minutes, 53 seconds ago)

 [Leave This Group]

Visit Go

[Start] your own group, [visit] the help center, or [report]

So click on the [Leave This Group] link and be done? Unfortunately not. Looking at the link you notice it's called -- no token and "subscribe"? I actually want to unsubscribe! And indeed, clicking gets an Interface that offers to "Enter the email address to subscribe:" + Captcha. And whatever it does, it -- of course -- doesn't unsubscribe. (My guess is, it would actually work if you had a real google account associated with that email address and were logged in to that account but there's no way of verifying this as already the first condition is false in this case)

Now if you disable HTML completely for the email, a totally different content emerges:


We have received your request to unsubscribe from FOO. In order for us to complete the request, please reply to this email or visit the following confirmation URL:

If you have questions related to this or any other Google Group, visit the Help Center at


Google Groups

Still the non-functional link, however it also mentions a different solution: "please reply to this email" which was not present in the HTML mail at all. And it works.

Tags: fail, hier, howto, kurios, rant, web.
20th October 2012


To make things clear: I'm having a Android 4.0.$recent tablet with considerably more horse-power than my Nokia n900 smartphone so don't tell me this is due to under-powered hardware – the android is 3 years newer both in hardware and software.

Background Tasks

Being somewhere with my Android Tablet. Network is kind of crappy and this site takes minutes again to load. So the most natural thing to do would be doing something else while the site continues loading in the background. This works really well on the n900. It might work with android. But of course when you switch to another Program the browser might also be shut down while you're doing something else and randomly when you switch back to your browser, not only the site hasn't loaded but the browser also forgot where you were heading. Now if you followed e.g. a link in a email you might have closed the mail program long ago (or the mail program has decided to stop) and you have to find the link again, wait again for the site to load. And remember not to background the browser or you might have to start over again.

With the n900 Maemo smartphone I was able to load several pages in the background with whatever application in the foreground (like playing tuxracer) so don't tell me android has to do this to give enough power to the foreground process. If a Meamo device can load 5 pages in the background while a OpenGL game is running in the foreground there is no reason Android, with more CPU and RAM, can't load a single page in the background while I check email.

Software installation

Can you imagine a system where you are unable to install software from your standard repository without registering an account first? Like after nearly two decades of Linux distributions? Maemo had this for mobile devices – more than five years ago. Plus, on Maemo you'll easily find tons of good, free (as in freedom) and banner-add-free software – try this on androids "Play Store".

Tags: android, fail, foss, rant.
PHP love
15th January 2012

Migrating a mediawiki instance from the old server to a new box. Of course it does not work (returns an empty 500 Error page). Of course there is no entry in error.log. Of course there is no obvious match of verbose/debug in a grep over the config files. Lovin' it

Tags: fail, foss, rant, web.
[FAIL] Security
2nd June 2010

I'm all for security and really like encryption (my Notebook's harddrive is encrypted, I've recently got a GPG Smartcard, ...) but sometimes you see big failes where security is atemted but doesn't actually secure anything but only hinders the legitimate user.

Today one of these candidates ate way to much of my time again. I'm currently getting more and more used to GNU Emacs and currently experimenting with emacs-jabber. Therefore copying my jabber accounts over from psi. As with these passwords you never type in I couldn't remember some of my jabber passwords -- no problem psi has to store them so it should be easy to get them, right?

Well actually not. The configuration file (XML) had a password entry but all that was in it was just obviously hex-encoded numbers. These numbers turned out to be be 16bit packages of characters that are XOR-ed against the JID So now you have to read them in in junks of 16bit, XOR them against the JID and get the password.

Time to recapitulate what this security helped. I've written a hacky 10 lines C Program that can reliably retrieve passwords from any config file I might come across. Seems you can do the same in 2 lines of perl. Ergo no security at all was added.

Next question: What did it cost? Needed an hour or so of researching the encryption and trial&error out the right program fragment. For nothing gained at all. Fail.

Tags: fail, foss, linux, programmieren, rant.
An unsere Milchbauern
15th September 2009

Die Zeitung ist voll von eurer 40 Cent forderung und gerade im Schwarzwald gibt's praktisch keinen Ort ohne große Plakate. Sogesehen muss folgender Kommentar, gerade so kurz vor der Bundestagswahl, einfach sein.

Wenn ihr schon Einheitspreise (0.40€) nach staatlicher Quote anhand des neuen Jahresplans wollt, dann macht am 27.09 euer Kreuz doch bitte auch bei der Linksparte, mit tendenz zu einer unserer Splitterparteien weiter am Rand!


Tags: politik, rant.

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